Rundown: NCT Dream, WONHO, woo!ah!, SECRET NUMBER, bugAboo, OMEGA X, BDC, more

Haven’t done one of these in almost two weeks, which mainly reflects the lack of notable releases, though it seems like the calm before the late-June storm.

If you don’t see a recent release included here … well, that’s probably a good thing for coverage of said track.


Son Dong Woon (Highlight) – “Today’s Weather”

Pleasant and inoffensive, something to put on in the background while chilling, for better and worse.



Not a total wash as the Lex Luger-esque trap synths during the chorus were a nice reminder to go back and listen to Hard In Da Paint.


woo!ah! – “Danger”


NCT Dream – “Beatbox”

Rarely do I say this about an NCT release one way or another, but I didn’t have much of a reaction to “Beatbox“. It’s fine and it’s pleasant, but ultimately forgettable once it ends. Has that in common with a lot of 2022.



A debut that secures flashes of interest when the rock accents show up, but for the most part it unfortunately sticks to bland fourth-gen girl crush tropes.


bugAboo – “POP”

The ‘multiple songs for the price of one’ concept that NMIXX tried with “OO” except this was executed correctly. Unfortunately, for the most part the melodic elements aren’t appealing or memorable enough to make me seek it out, but at least it’s interesting.



Despite trying its best to hook me with the electric guitar, I found the production to be surprisingly sparse and having this empty feeling for the most part, especially during the chorus. WONHO is not the type of artist where you want to allow this room for him to try and carry the song. Don’t see this one growing on me a bit like EYE ON YOU did.


BDC – “Blue Sky”

I mean, you know what I’m going to say about an idol group releasing a ballad like this. Well, at least they’ll always have “Moon Rider”.



On one hand, this isn’t a great bright boy group concept, as it just seems paint-by-numbers in terms of hitting tropes. On the other hand, boy did I find this a nice reprieve from what their contemporaries are releasing. Did I forget about it after it finished? Yes. Could I finish it without forcing myself for this site? Also yes.


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