Quick Reviews: DRIPPIN’s “ZERO” adds welcome twists onto the typical fourth-gen boy group package

Gonna be straight up with you here, it’s possible I’m being brainwashed into thinking “ZERO” is a step above the typical fourth-gen boy group fare by the shockingly heavy guitar usage that appears throughout this. Like perhaps this DRIPPIN song just triggered some kind of Pavlovian response in me, but I really do think the heavy distortion adds an edge that makes sense for these kinds of concepts, so that instead of the verses bogging down in tryhard posturing (aside from maybe the first), it at least feels like it’s actually hitting harder and that helps it hold my interest.

The other thing that helps separate “ZERO” from the pack, and this is important, they actually sing over a lighter pre-chorus that transitions nicely into a two-part chorus. Rather than just settling for the “zero” hook repetition, they also belt over the booming, overcompensating instrumental, with the “we can go uppp” and “we can do downnn” parts with affectations to match being particularly nice. I’m not sure exactly how much I like this yet, but it definitely stood out to me as intriguing from DRIPPIN, which is a first.


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