Sleepy wins lawsuit filed against him by TS Entertainment, whose only purpose now appears to be suing ex-artists

TS Entertainment, a supposedly still existing company whose only business nowadays seems to be getting into legal disputes with former artists, recently lost one of their higher profile battles to rapper Sleepy.

This has been ongoing since 2019 when TSE sued him for allegedly breaching contract, and courts recently sided with Sleepy.

Sleepy’s former agency, TS Entertainment, has lost the damages lawsuit they filed against the rapper for breach of contract. On October 29, the Civil Settlement Division 34 of the Seoul Central District Court (head judge Kim Yang Ho) ruled that the plaintiff (TS Entertainment) had lost the damages lawsuit filed against the defendant (Sleepy). Sleepy and TS Entertainment have been engaged in a public legal battle since 2019, when Sleepy filed a request to terminate his exclusive contract. Sleepy claimed that the agency did not pay him properly and that the dorm he was in had poor living conditions. TS Entertainment denied these claims and accused Sleepy of withholding his payments from his advertisements on social media. In December 2019, TS Entertainment filed a lawsuit against Sleepy for breach of contract and other damages to a total of 280 million won (about $240,000).

While this case in itself seemed to favor Sleepy even on individual merit, it would be difficult to blame anybody for automatically defaulting to siding with anything against TSE given what can only be described as their atrocious track record with both idols and staff.

It’s been a lot for basically every group of theirs in recent memory.


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