All TWICE members renew contracts with JYPE, which is probably for the best

TWICE have put to rest questions about their future after all nine members renewed their contracts with JYP Entertainment today, according to a statement from the company.

On July 12, a representative of JYP Entertainment shared, “Ahead of the expiration of their exclusive contracts this fall, all members of TWICE completed renewing their contracts. TWICE, who played a crucial role in establishing JYP’s status, and JYP, which became a reliable source of support for TWICE growing to become a representative K-pop girl group, agreed based on this trust to renew the contracts with confidence in an even better future.”

No word on the length of the renewal yet, so that question still exists, I suppose.

In terms of outcome, despite Nayeon’s quality and successful solo debut recently, this seems like the correct move from TWICE. While they are surely going to gain more individual freedom now, they always seemed like idols who operate best as a collective, even if part of the reason for that was JYPE’s own doing. Regardless, given their successful transition to maturer sounds, I’m definitely looking forward to what they have in store for the future.


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