Rundown: WSG WANNABE, CHOBOM (Apink), Jay Park, Chungha, Super Junior, SVT LEADERS, more

A couple fun songs thrown in here and a whole bunch of disappointment, quite frankly.



This style of hip-hop is trendy, you old fuck!

Yes, I understand this. I just think it’s rarely very good, and when it is it’s because of an excellent beat/instrumental, which this doesn’t have. Sue me, I dunno, I’m not forcing myself to like some shit just cause it’s considered cool.


Jiyoung (KARA) – “LUCID DREAM”

Puts me into a dream/sleep state, which is the point. Her vocal sounds surprisingly nice. Now give me the KARA reunion.



More annoying and grating than trendy and cool. Also doesn’t have much of a chorus.


Young Tak – “MMM”

One of the trot singers you should probably know. Fun song. Though it’s kinda unnerving how much he reminds me of like older Seungri.


Super Junior – “Mango”

Ronald Reagan is looking up from Hell and wondering if his location is why this sounds so washed out and generic.


Chungha – “Sparkling”

If you don’t have the same hang-ups with her vocal as I do, you should enjoy this upbeat synthwave beat, though I did think the chorus didn’t go for it as much as it should’ve regardless (perhaps due to it not working with her vocal).


Jay Park – “Need To Know”

Jay Park is famous/relevant enough that NO:ZE won’t delete this off her Instagram, right?


CHOBOM (A Pink) – “Copycat”

Thoroughly disappointed because the concept stuff reminded me of Orange Caramel/Crayon Pop zany stuff and it’s wasted as it’s behind a rather generic chill track that you could find released multiple times a week on indie labels.


WSG Wannabe – “At That Moment” & “I Missed You” & “Clink Clink”

They didn’t release individual music videos for this, but I wanted to address it because the first two songs are dominating the charts right now, and I don’t want to describe these efforts as even mid cause they aren’t up to that point. I am glad for the members, though.


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