Quick Reviews: Dept creates upbeat fun on “Boyhood” with help from Ashley Alisha & Heyden

Producer Dept has churned out a catalogue of solid tracks, but “Boyhood” is his best yet, and it’s helped immensely by vocalists Ashley Alisha and Heyden. A song about nostalgia for more innocent periods in life when contrasted with the difficulty of forming bonds as adults, the formula of “Boyhood” is simple but the execution stands out.

The track is pushed forward by upbeat percussion hits, and the combination of a lively string section and rhythm guitar make for a pleasant listen by themselves. There’s a bright, foot-tapping energy to all this, and that especially comes to the forefront with the addictive hook that embeds itself from the initial listen. Additionally, finding a way to basically make a rhyme out of “somebody like you/nobody like you” and “surprise/cry” just by the delivery was a nice touch that really put a bow on this for me.


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