Quick Reviews: J-Hope keeps things refreshingly simple on “Arson”

Following J-Hope‘s intriguing and promising yet intro-sounding “MORE“, the single for the BTS member’s Jack In The Box album was dropped in “Arson“. Surprisingly, it too did not seem to be aimed to find mainstream success — which is honestly kinda cool in itself — sounding more like a track off an indie hip-hop album than anything. And actually, I rather enjoy those types of simpler, old-school style tracks (though more industrial) when I come across them on Korean hip-hop listens, especially compared to trendy stylings riddled with vocal effects and distortion.

Of course, there’s also a reason you rarely see those on my year-end lists, as they frequently lack a central hook or melodic appeal, so barring exceptional lyricism or technicality it’s not the kind of stuff one typically seeks out. “Arson” hasn’t quite reached that level of intrigue for me (yet) but I feel like this is a good song that could grow on me quickly due to a strong instrumental foundation and the push/pull intensity of his flow. It will probably get more stick than it deserves from K-pop stans, while those who feel connected to it should really enjoy it.

Also, “MORE” and “Arson” give the album itself intrigue for me.


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