‘Street Man Fighter’ producer says participants show ‘loyalty and pride’ compared to ‘jealousy and greed’ of ‘Street Woman Fighter’

Street Man Fighter held a press conference for the show yesterday and it was about as messy as the content leading up to its debut. Chief producer Kwon Young Chan is making headlines for talking about the differences between this show and Street Woman Fighter as the men displaying “loyalty and pride” while the women showed “jealousy and greed“.

During a press conference for “Street Man Fighter” on Tuesday, chief producer Kwon Yeong-chan said that the new show differed from “Street Woman Fighter” in that the male participants “displayed loyalty and pride more often” compared to the female participants who showed more “jealousy and greed.”

The program’s producer-director Choi Jeong-nam also commented on the differences between the male dancers and female dancers on the shows at the same press conference. “The dance moves of women dancers and male dancers are definitely different,” Choi said. “[For ‘Street Man Fighter’] We really focused on shooting the dance battle scenes. The power that the male dancers display is certainly different.” He continued, “I think that the audience will be touched by the solidarity and friendships of the male participants. We hope to successfully reflect these narratives on the screen.” 

The editing stuff could definitely be typical Mnet stuff, but it’s also hard to deny that there’s just a general feeling of toxic mess associated with this show and how it’s being presented.

From hosts to aforementioned teasers to the showrunners, it’s been pretty consistent messaging.


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