Another idol trainee says she was asked to send pics ‘without clothes’ even as a minor, names company as LPA Entertainment

Following an idol trainee under an unnamed company coming forward with the story that her CEO made trainees send him pictures in their underwear, another individual came forward on Twitter and named the company as LPA Entertainment. She described her experience with the company, which sounded similar to what the other trainee testified to and provided screenshots of text exchanges as evidence.


Yeah, when I read the initial story, this was a concern. Even though there wasn’t evidence yet that it was done to minors as well, given the typical ages of trainees it wasn’t a stretch to assume it was. Sure enough, it happened to this person.

Regardless, glad she came forward with this as it provides a look at how these types of companies can try and normalize utterly ridiculous and immoral requests. Hopefully she’s not been getting any backlash for coming forward as the company doing this is obviously in the wrong and is abusing their power.

Additionally, while I was wondering if this could actually help with the ongoing investigation, I saw a reply to her that alleges to be the writer of the previous exclusive, so I hope that’s legit and she can help with the case and/or the story.


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