UP10TION’s Lee Jin Hyuk under fire for rudeness towards Red Velvet’s Wendy, whose reaction seems to say it all

A few days ago I saw controversy gaining attention involving actor and UP10TION member Lee Jin Hyuk‘s appearance on Wendy’s Youngstreet radio program, which was started by him snapping his fingers at her and constantly “joking” about her eyes.

Specifically, Lee Jin Hyuk told Wendy, “Noona, when IΒ look at the camera, your eyes look like they’re gone.” To which Wendy explained, “My eyes are very swollen today, so it might appear that way.” Lee Jin Hyuk continued with the bit, saying “Your eyes look scary today.” and “Sorry, but why are your eyelids trembling when you talk? You must be lacking magnesium. You should eat a lot of bananas.” Throughout the show, Lee Jin Hyuk continued to jokingly poke fun at Wendy with stuff like, “Noona, don’t lose your focus. Your eyes look so sleepy. I’m getting suspicious.” Later, Lee Jin Hyuk snapped his fingers at Wendy while saying, “Hold on! Noona, your eyes are losing focus.” But Wendy continued to deny his joking accusations, saying “I am focused, I just looked down.

It seemed shitty but I kinda was waiting to see if anything further would come of it as perhaps it was just a joke between them or something. However, after watching the full exchange and Wendy’s reaction to him … well, it didn’t seem friendly.

Kinda hard to not believe now that despite playing along a bit, Wendy didn’t find it all that funny and was in fact sick of his shit.


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