Songs You May Have Missed: July 2022 (Narae Lee, Lee Ju Chun, Rothy, TAIN, BOYCOLD, JOHA, HUNJIYA, The Volunteers, more)

I’ve said it several times now that when I’m going through tracks for these playlists, sometimes the master list of them all gets absurdly long. For July, however, it truly peaked; by the time I’d collected every song that needed to go on the master list for this month, it was almost 19 hours long. NINETEEN HOURS.

Editor’s Note: This time it’s my fault this is so late.

The playlist below is, of course, not nearly that long. Enjoy!


015B (Feat. Kim Yuna) – “Eunha Store”

10cm – “Gradation”

APRO (Feat. youra & pH-1) – “Fragile”

Boycold (Feat. Sokodomo, BE’O, pH-1) – “Salad Days”

It’s almost a meme at this point that if pH-1 is on the track, it gets picked. It’s time for me to do a pH-1 versus Giriboy gauntlet to see who would win the ultimate free pass.


BUMKEY (Feat. Anandelite & Gianni) – “Endemic”

cotoba – “kyrie”

Han Jung In – “One Second Time Machine”



LAZZI – “Crazy Like Feather” 

Lee Ju Chun – “Heartbreak Boulevard”

Editor’s Note: I swear I’ve had this as a review to do for a while now. But, well, just listen here.


Minseo – “#Self_Trip”

Narae Lee – “Super Top Secret”

Playlist favourite!


Rosmile – “Crush On You”

Rothy – “Changed Number”

Rothy never disappoints.


Silverbell – “A-E-I-O-U”

TAIN – “Satellite” 

Now, this sort of came out a year ago … but also it’s on TAIN’s album, and it’s the best one.


The Volunteers – “Hypocreep”

Yang Jiwon – “At A Simple Station (Disco Version)”

It’s a bop and I’m not embarrassed.


And that’s it!

As always, let me know any songs you loved last month that you think others might have missed, and happy listening!

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