EXID kill it with a singles medley (“L.I.E”, “Ah Yeah”, “Hot Pink”, “Up & Down”, “I LOVE YOU”, “Night Rather Than Day”, more) on ‘Killing Voice’

One of the best things about veteran groups staying active is they have the chance to participate in contemporary features like Dingo Music‘s Killing Voice, and they have a deep enough discography to make it work. EXID are a good example, performing a medley of singles in “L.I.E“, “Ah Yeah“, “Hot Pink“, “Up & Down“, “DDD“, “I LOVE YOU“, “Night Rather Than Day“, “Lady“, “Me&You“, “IDK“, and “Fire“.

Bro, Hani looks so fucking good with that hairstyle and a darker makeup.

I was probably most impressed with LE, who basically sounds like the actual recording, which is usually much rarer from rappers on these things.

Also, with groups this deep into their careers they seem less preoccupied with being serious and maintaining an image, generally just having fun with stuff.


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