ONEUS’s Ravn accused of rape, cheating, gaslighting by alleged ex-girlfriend

Through an anonymous Twitter account, the alleged ex-girlfriend of ONEUS member Ravn accused the idol of repeatedly cheating, lying, and taking advantage of her during their two-year relationship. She also explained that the first time they had sex, Ravn had gotten her drunk and she was not fully conscious, effectively making a rape allegation as well.


You can read the full translation of her allegations here, but I’ll try to summarize them.

A=Accuser (Ex)
LHY=Girlfriend (Current)

A starts by explaining that they met in February of 2020 in Japan and that Ravn plied her with drinks. She ended up so drunk that she was not fully conscious when they later had sex, and claims she knew he had sex with a Japanese woman the day before as well.

Nevertheless, after that Ravn kept telling A to come see him, and they ended up becoming official this year when she moved to Korea. However, when there A claims Ravn made her pay for his stuff, allegedly due to fear of being caught by the company. A also mentions he even violated COVID-19 isolation protocols when he got COVID-19 because he went to see her. A says she eventually caught him lying and flirting with other women, and he apologized, but she says he didn’t end up stopping. She later found out he had been in a relationship with LHY since the end of 2020 and was cheating on both of them for some time, and A also explains that Ravn’s problems with women was the reason he went on hiatus shortly after debut.

Next there’s a bit of a tangent, as A explains that Ravn has a female idol friend that he basically talks poorly about behind her back, saying she isn’t a real friend and can’t keep secrets. She also goes onto claim that his seniors know how he is already and at least one wants nothing to do with him anymore.

A goes on to talk about how he broke up with her abruptly, likely due to LHY demanding it, but that he came back talking about their future together. However, it was clear he started lying again and around that time she supposedly realized that he was seeing somebody else. The woman claims LHY is a former RBW trainee that was introduced to him by a teammate, but that LHY was basically unhinged and would go around dropping hints of their relationship on social media and was threatening and harassing a different ex of Ravn’s. She also says that other ex tried to tell his family what Ravn and LHY were doing, but the family claimed Ravn would never do that.

A explained that Ravn would get verbally violent about the other ex.

You got verbally violent, saying things like you “hate her so much you could kill her,” and you “want to quit being an idol so you can go stab her,” and that you “wish you could get her deported forever.”

Eventually, A says Ravn went off on her as well.

Then you started threatening me. You said, “I don’t even like you anymore,” “Stop calling me because I don’t have feelings for you now,” and “If you keep trying to get in touch with me, I’ll work with the company to get rid of you.”

In a bizarre section, A explains that after they broke up she requested her duplicate key back from Ravn, but instead of mailing it, he entered her house and left it there while she was sleeping. A concludes by saying that she now lives in fear, especially after getting weird calls from anonymous numbers and that she’s seeking medical treatment for depression. The woman says she hopes he can become a better person after this.


As proof of her claims, A includes a bunch of photos and a video of him that seems to be taken from her intercom.

Most importantly, she provides alleged audio of Ravn from the times he was going off and threatening his ex and her.

“Just hearing her name makes me sick. I wish that bitch would stop seeing our mutuals. I want her to stop talking about me. I want her to just die. If I could, I’d quit singing and go stab her. I get so stressed out about her. Like, that’s how — this is how much I-…”

“Yeah … that, too. But I think it’s for the best that we stop talking. I’m sorry … but just stop contacting me. [Inaudible] I’m going to block you. Stop calling. I’m actually going to change my phone number. If you keep trying to reach me, the company … the company will take action, do you understand? Just … I’m going to hang up now.”

As for the response to this, so far RBW has only said they are currently checking the facts, so it’s something that’s going to get addressed.


Kind of surprised at the lack of attention the rape allegation is getting from netizens, and really even in her own post. Still, she’s mainly accusing him of being a serial cheater and manipulator, and just an overall shitty person. Admittedly, the whole thing reads as very vindictive, but if he did everything she claims, then that’d obviously be understandable.

Overall, since this is supposedly eventually going to be addressed, I don’t see a need to jump to an immediate conclusion, though the voice recording alone doesn’t paint him in a great light at this point.


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