PURPLE KISS cover “Psycho”, MeloMance & STAYC collab, Kihyun (Monsta X) performs a pair, and Younha’s dreams come true on ‘K-909’

Well, K-909 continues to be the only broadcast music show that holds my attention and there’s now enough clips to write it up.


Let’s start off strong with one of my favorite newer girl groups in PURPLE KISS doing a cover of Red Velvet‘s “Psycho” in their own way.

Then we can segue into a MeloMance and STAYC collab of the former’s hit, “Love Maybe“.

Again, one of the things I enjoy about the show is it seems like we get year-end music show content but potentially every week.

Also, I think “Love Maybe” is growing on me. I recognize that piano intro immediately now, this is brainwashing.

Monsta X stans showed out for Kihyun, effectively turning the show into a solo concert for him. Kihyun performed his recent single “Youth” and gave a first-time stage performance of their English-language single “SOMEONE’s SOMEONE“.

I liked both songs quite a bit when they were released, but the former was interesting here in particular because it actually sounded better to me live with a band than it did on streaming, which gives me food for thought.

Also, Younha was a guest and, man, “Oort Cloud” is so fucking good, dude.


Speaking of covers, DKZ did one recently of BLACKPINK‘s “Kill This Love“, which … happened.

But this is not about DKZ, really, as I think they did the best they could, but it did make me realize that these “look how badass we are” songs absolutely need all the fast cuts and glitter of music videos because when they’re performed on stage it’s just a bore for the most part.

Anyway, let’s close with successful BoA stan Younha finally getting her autographs after a damn decade.


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