2AM’s Changmin heads to Twitch to be blessed with the greatest versions of aespa’s “Savage” & WJSN Chocome’s “Super Yuppers” he’s ever heard

2AM‘s Changmin recently made an appearance on popular Twitch streamer magenta62‘s channel, presumably for the purposes of being blessed with the voices of angels. Indeed, he was in for a treat on this day, having perhaps the greatest renditions of aespa‘s “Savage” bestowed upon him free of charge.

That magical moment was followed by WJSN Chocome‘s “Super Yuppers“, where you can see he’s almost brought to tears at the vocal showing.

Amazingly, he was still brave enough to do his own karaoke…

…and even had the audacity to give them singing tips.

The nerve!

But seriously though, pure entertainment as a stream through and through.


Okay okay, I know what you’re thinking: “IATFB, how the fuck did you find this to begin with?”

Look … LOOK, I swear to god magenta62 is the only ‘sexy dancing streamer’ I follow on Twitch. I SWEAR! I don’t even watch her dancing, I only follow for when she’s doing something else cause she’s a bit off and she’s friends with zoodasa. You have to believe me. I’M TELLING THE TRUTH!

Uhhh … anyway, here’s Charming_Jo singing 4 Non Blondes‘ “What’s Up“.


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