‘Music Bank’ in Chile only called off after (G)I-DLE could barely stand on stage due to rain & hail

Because apparently nobody learns their lesson from past mistakes, Music Bank in Chile was only cancelled due to horrible weather conditions halfway through the show when it became apparent that somebody was likely going to get seriously hurt if things continued.

According to reports, the rain was apparent from the start of festivities at the outdoor Estadio Monumental David Arellano, but things went on anyway likely due to pressure of it being KBS‘s first overseas venture since the pandemic and the scale of the event with 50k attending. But predictably things got progressively worse to the point where (G)I-DLE could barely do anything during their stage and Shuhua actually fell.

Due to the borderline flooded stage and apparently hail during the thunderstorm, things were mercifully called off.

It’s notable because not only was nothing learned from incidents like SISTAR‘s Bora breaking her thumb and GFRIEND‘s falls, but this was arguably the worst weather conditions I’ve seen an idol forced to try and perform through. Just an absurd disregard for safety that continues to be the norm, and idols really don’t have say in it even though it’s their bodies on the line.


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