Rundown: YooA, Eunji, Chen, Lim Young Woong, Xdinary Heroes, VERIVERY, more

As expected, there have been a lot of releases to cover over the last couple weeks, so here’s another Rundown. Thankfully, they include some nice efforts amongst the riff raff.



The highteen retro R&B sound is coming to girl groups near you, but in this one the attempt to make the nursery rhyme a thing goes on for too long and there’s one too many awkwardly executed sections for it to work. Please do not use them as choruses unless you’re going to completely remake it like HyunA‘s “RED“. Thanks.


CRAXY – “Poison Rose”

I really do appreciate their concept and I respect the effort put into their music videos, but this is plodding.


Xdinary Heroes – “Hair Cut”

I know they have the ability, and this is actually quite close to fulfilling their potential with a 60s psychedelic rock chorus, but it never really does anything else interesting and the “haircut” hook is just lame, which is why most songs like this are about drugs at least.


AleXa – “Back In Vogue”

Solid mid-tempo dance-pop but like … I find it hard to think I’ll ever seek it out.



Nice edgy boy group release that actually has an extended vocal chorus.


Eunji (A Pink) – “Journey For Myself”

A rock ballad out of seemingly nowhere for her cover album, this one from BUZZ.


VERIVERY – “Tap Tap”

One of those seemingly discombobulated songs, but with the different sections at play not being dogshit. It’s not my favorite, but it’s certainly eons ahead of like whatever the shit NMIXX releases.


Chen (EXO) – “Last Scene”


YooA (Oh My Girl) – “Selfish”

Remember last week when I said YooA‘s B-side releases sucked? Well turns out they were better than the single.


Lim Young Woong – “Polaroid”

For reasons related to my safety, I choose to redact my thoughts.


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