OMEGA X’s legal rep says the group were also sexually assaulted/harassed, a past post from the SPIRE CEO emerges

Following the SBS expose on SPIRE Entertainment‘s treatment of OMEGA X in the ongoing story of their abuse, it has also been revealed that the members were sexually assaulted and sexually harassed by the CEO Kang Seong Hee.


In the video report (also from SBS) it says that the members were touched at a company meeting where the people there were drinking, and then it happened afterward at the airport as well.

OMEGA X members testified, “There was physical contact at the meeting that I was called to where they were drinking” and “At the airport, after being intoxicated, she wrapped her arm in mine and hugged me.”

The video report shows photos depicting evidence of the inappropriate touching, with a member saying about having to go to these outings, “I felt a little skeptical, like ‘Why do I have to go to this extent in order to work?’ I had to waste my training and personal time on going to these meetings where they’d drink.

One of the members said that SPIRE threatened the members if they complained about this, with the CEO seemingly holding them emotionally hostage with threats of self-harm, such as posting pics of sleeping pills and alcohol, documents, and suicide notes.

Kim Tae-yeon / Attorney: Acts that cause fear are legally considered to be a crime of intimidation under the Criminal Act, and an act such as touching the thigh can clearly feel sexually shameful, so it may be a crime of forced molestation.

Additionally, the legal rep for OMEGA X explained the situation further to CBS, confirming that there was sexual assault and sexual harassment.

This situation was a case of severe abuse where the dreams of young men were taken advantage of and used as pawns by superiors who used their powers to assault, threaten, sexually harass them, and more. The members are worried and afraid after suffering a great deal of gaslighting and abuse, and they have many concerns.

We have video evidence of [sexual] harassment. Standardly, the majority of sexual harassment cases occur by men with authority or physical power committing crimes against women. This case shows the issue of how a person with authority violated another person’s dignity regardless of gender.

Every time I have to update this story it just seems to get worse, and I really hope the press conference they’re set to have tomorrow with the aforementioned legal rep doesn’t continue that trend.

Just gonna note that the legal rep only mentions sexual harassment, but that might just be technical for legal purposes. Given what’s been revealed, it sure seems closer to sexual assault if she was indeed touching them on the thighs and hugging and all that at drinking parties.


In relation to that, one other creepy thing about Kang Seong Hee resurfaced thanks to netizens, who dug up a Facebook post from the CEO back in 2018 where she was basically fangirling over an OMEGA X member pre-debut while he was on a survival show.

(Blurred Name of OMEGA X Member) got me supporting~!!!
(Blurred Name) ♡
How does he have such a pretty face~
and sing so, so sweetly~
You leave this noona so breathless~♡♡♡♡♡
(Or auntie, or ahjumma, or even ma’am… I’ll cry if you pick on me about this)
(Blurred Name), let’s debut~!!!
#(Blurred Name of the Survival Show)
#(Blurred Name)
You (Blurred Name) me ♡

Nothing wrong with fangirling in a vacuum, but obviously with everything else going on, this is far from in a vacuum.


Just to end this on a positive note, it seems like OMEGA X has now registered a bunch of trademarks. Don’t know for sure if they got the OMEGA X name, but based on the others registered, it seems likely.

Things do seem to be trending in the right direction for OMEGA X to at least escape the company. Then if they do that, it seems like they’re intent on continuing on based on their moves, but we’ll cross that bridge when it comes.

Still, I’m glad the radio silence after the initial story broke was apparently the members and journalists getting their ducks in a row and not their company squashing the story. Much more hopeful that this can break in their favor now.


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