All Dreamcatcher members renew their contracts early with the company named after them

In surprising but pleasant news, all seven members of Dreamcatcher have renewed their contracts with Dreamcatcher Company. It was surprising because fans have speculated that the contracts either would expire last year or next year based on typical K-pop contracts, but it turns out the group renewed earlier than necessary due to “trust” with the agency..

On November 16, a representative of Dreamcatcher Company stated, “Recently, the Dreamcatcher members all renewed their contracts. Even before the existing contract expired, all the members of Dreamcatcher agreed to renew their contracts based on their trust in the agency.” They shared, “The agency plans on doing our best to support Dreamcatcher in line with their pace in Korea as well as globally so that they can grow even further going forward. We ask that fans also support Dreamcatcher and show lots of interest and love for the seven members as they will showcase even greater growth with Dreamcatcher Company.”

Being skeptical about companies is always the right move, but to be fair they did just effectively rename the company after them and have consistently given them comebacks that have allowed to slowly but surely build their fanbase to sustainable levels. For any of their warts, DCC at least seem to have a plan for them, and with the bar on the floor for companies it certainly makes staying appealing. Really I just hope that the girls got improved terms or something and are able to make decent money for all their investment.

The petty side of me also wants to point out that I believe they are just the fourth girl group ever (SNSD/Red Velvet/TWICE) to have all the members re-sign, and only the second without any member changes, which makes all the snide talk about them flopping from segments of Stan Twitter all the funnier. Dreamcatcher have simply continued on with their careers regardless, and thankfully it seems like that’ll be extended further.


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