GIRL’S RE:VERSE is definitely a real show and didn’t get prematurely cancelled or anything like that

Oh my GOD everyone! How have you been? It’s so good to be back after so long away. I’m really excited to jump back into the world of bilateral, monopolistic, cheaply-produced Korean variety entertainment. And we have a doozy of a show to cover, one filled with all sorts of gimmicks and nugus and sky-high potential for unintentional hilarity and … oh hold on, I’m getting a phone call.

Wait, what are you saying?

Ah, shit.


GIRL’S RE:VERSE, KakaoTV’s masterplan to bring VTubers to the mainstream in Korea, seems to be cancelled completely, following a scrubbing of social media and a solitary post on their Instagram account. Even after a big debut at the Melon Music Awards, and even after wrangling an objectively impressive cast to voice the virtual contestants.

The show was set to premiere Monday, November 28th, but had the plug pulled abruptly, less than 24 hours before the debut. The reasoning mentions ongoing discussions with the creators of the models of the virtual idols, which were sourced from both domestic and foreign open source platforms. It seems to me that royalties for creators should be something addressed near the beginning of the project rather than the day the show is set to air, but I don’t run a multimillion dollar telecom/entertainment company so I’ll defer to the experts.

The post mentions that they’ll resolve these issues as quickly as possible and start the show up again, but then again they’re probably frantically DM’ing a 17-year-old furry porn artist living in Kansas City about signing away their rights to something called “Chadodo”, so I wouldn’t hold my breath on the guys in charge sticking the landing.

I love when a large company loses a ton of money, though. Seems to be all the rage in 2022.

The title of this article is only a half-joke, I was literally in the DMs of IATFB last night saying how I’ll cover the first episode as my return to writing. Anyways, the show’s Twitter is gone, Kakao Page is gone, and I’m gone, at least till maybe an end of year article or until Boys Planet 999 preview season.

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