KARA showcase their hit medleys and variety skills on ‘MMTG’, ‘Knowing Bros’, ‘Cafe Parasite’

I am thrilled to announce that there’s just so much KARA content right now, enough that I have to make a bunch of separate posts about their “When I Move” promotions, and have to note that if it’s not in this post it’ll probably be in a later one.

Anyway, remember when before anything came out KARA did a live stream on MMTG? Well, here’s the whole build-up and aftermath, which was definitely even better than just the medley.

So basically they went through the playlist medley and the various killing points.

Unfortunately for Youngji, Gyuri has no restrictions on her unfiltered personality.

She’s also keeping that expensive engagement ring.

They even got Jaejae to JOKE (they emphasized this) that she doesn’t like SNSD‘s songs even, so don’t worry about her pandering on their episode.

Relatable for me now is them telling Jaejae that they were told to say that their song is millennial style but they have no idea what it means and want to know as well.

Hags unite.

This is where the live broadcast stuff actually took place, which is important cause before it was on some stupid-ass small screen within a screen.

Anyway, there’s also the info that Jiyoung auditioned at DSP Media with SNSD‘s “Kissing You“, causing the other members in the next room to wonder if she thought it was an SM Entertainment audition.

Also, crying.


Like I said, they really hit all the promo stops this time around, including Knowing Bros, where they did a medley.

They also did “When I Move” later on…

…and Nicole performed LE SSERAFIM‘s “ANTIFRAGILE“.

I guess they were noteworthy enough to get their own pair of English-subtitled highlight videos for the episode on the official channel, so really you can just watch that.


Perhaps one unusual stop was to Dingo Music‘s Cafe Parasite, run by comedian Kim Hae Jun.

The man usually makes other people sweat with this corny lines and cheesiness, but Gyuri had him sweating with her flirting and jokes.

Thank you for dancing to “Mister“, mister.

More than anything, I’m happy that they look so happy to be doing this bullshit again, as it makes the entire comeback that much more fun.


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