Blockberry Creative postpones LOONA comeback ‘indefinitely’, try to throw Chuu under the bus again

Blockberry Creative is an unmitigated dumpster fire at the moment. In addition to the Chuu contract debacle, reports that nine other members want out, and a massive fan boycott, they’ve now announced the indefinite postponement of their comeback album.

As a result, after closely listening to the words of many people, including Orbits, we have decided that comeback activities are meaningless while in a situation where various concerns about the members are unresolved.
As a result, we have decided that LOONA The Origin Album [0], which the 11 members have worked hard to prepare for, and which was originally scheduled to be released on January 3, 2023, will be postponed indefinitely.

Effectively, the boycott seemed to have worked. They would not give a shit about fan concerns if those concerns still had them making money, obviously.


Blockberry also responded by addressing various media reports.

They start with three paragraphs basically describing themselves as a plucky undergog corporation with a dream, saying LOONA “required greater investment and expense” but that they bore the “burden“. Describing their task as “impossible“, they then effectively talk about Chuu gaining popularity and return to blaming her.

There would be nothing better than all of LOONA being impressed upon the general public under one name, but given the nature of a large girl group, it is often the case that certain members become known first; for the Company also, it was an inevitable decision to encourage and support a member who first built recognition with the public. We wished that all the members would progress together with one mind, but unfortunately and contrary to our hopes, the former member’s attitude began to change.
Because of this, to secure the future, the Company agreed to a change in the contract terms despite the risk associated with earlier investments; we tried to preserve all of LOONA no matter what it took, but as known to everyone, we have reached an unfortunate conclusion.

Blockberry then oddly brag about making a ‘mark’ on K-pop before concluding by basically begging fans to return to stanning the group, though they don’t specifically say what that ‘mark’ is, so maybe it’s like ‘quickest collapse from apparent normalcy’ or something.

It’s honestly hard to see their strategy at this point, as netizens aren’t buying what was presumably their best attack against Chuu to date, so continuing to use her as a reason the group and company are going downhill is clearly not a winning strategy at the moment.

No idea when, if ever, they will attempt to return.


Hyunjin doesn’t seem to be very broken up about it.


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