KARA deliver “When I Move” and “Mister” to Japan, drop performance video + an extensive a capella medley

The blessed KARA content train continues to move along, now taking advantage of the fact that they were massive in Japan by heading over there and performing Japanese versions of “When I Move” and “Mister” on the 2022 Music Station SUPER LIVE (year-end show in Japan).

Honestly, I’m glad so many of their old Japanese fans seem to have been waiting for this shit. Didn’t expect that.

Additionally, as a Christmas gift (so they called it), a performance video of “When I Move” was dropped.

Excellent, as expected, but I suspect part of the motivation for this was to show off how good of a shape they got back into, cause sheesh.


Also, just to be petty, some people are mad that I joked about a KARA moment that nobody but stans ever seem to bring up just cause it was funny as hell. And they are telling me to shut up, which I will childishly absolutely not do and instead make it a point to mention here.


A bit of a tangent to conclude this, but here’s a capella group Narin‘s KARA medley, which goes through their career. While I expected them to cover the hits, I was pleasantly surprised to hear them do b-sides and solo stuff, especially Hara‘s Japanese singles (which were great).


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