B-Side Spotlight: November 2022 (BoA, KARA, Red Velvet, ITZY, B.I, Highlight, BIBI, CSR, AleXa)

November was, somehow, one of those months where it feels like every group possible decided to come back — I guess to get those winter sales in before it’s too late and people are broke at the end of the year. Or maybe that’s just me? Hopefully not.

Anyway, let’s go!


Highlight – “I Don’t Miss You”

AleXa – “Please Try Again”

Xdinary Heroes – “Ghost”

Chen (EXO) – “I Don’t Even Mind”

VICTON – “Alive”

woo!ah! – “LOVE THING”

JUST B – “Cherry On Top”


BIBI – “Sweet Sorrow Of Mother”

B.I – “Middle With You”

BoA – “Breathe” 

TO1 – “Retro Love”

Red Velvet – “ZOOM”

NIEL (TEEN TOP) – “In Your Space”

KARA – “Happy Hour”

ITZY – “Snowy”

CSR – “Anding”


P1Harmony – “One And Only”

DRIPPIN – “Silence”

Eunji (A Pink) – “Dream”


And that’s it!

As always, let me know about your favourite b-sides from November, and happy listening!

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