SF9’s Dawon maybe saved a man’s life, giving him the best reason to miss a fan sign

In news that doesn’t suck, it was revealed today in a statement by FNC Entertainment that SF9 member Dawon recently administered first aid to a man who had a heart attack in a sauna, which could’ve saved his life. They mentioned this as part of why he was missing a fan signing event for the group’s season’s greetings. I mean, about as good as an excused absence as you’re gonna get.

We are announcing that SF9 member Dawon will not participate in the season’s greeting fan event scheduled for today (January 5).
Today, while bathing at the sauna he regularly uses, Dawon witnessed a patient in cardiac arrest. Following the instructions of paramedics over the phone, he did his best to administer emergency first aid, and the patient was handed over to paramedics once they arrived at the scene. After discussions with the artist, we have decided [for Dawon] to cancel today’s scheduled activity and rest.

Glad he’s getting time off, because while he may have done something extraordinary, he also had to go through a traumatic event and quite frankly is probably exhausted from administering CPR. Hopefully he returns without any mental health issues from the event, but honestly just glad to write about something uplifting for once.


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