Dreamcatcher on ‘vacation’ means a Handong medley special clip, plus covers of “NDA”, “White”, and “Event Horizon”

Alrighty, given that Dreamcatcher have released pictures from their last comeback and have even dropped mystery codes already, which usually signals a return to activities of some kind, it’s about that time to cover the special clips they released while on “vacation”. If you crave content, they are truly one of the best groups out there to stan, as there were four videos released during their brief hiatus where they get to have a life.


Anyway, the first one to be released was Handong, who did Dreamcatcher’s own songs “A Heart Of Sunflower“, “Jazz Bar“, “Daydream“, and “Polaris“, but in Chinese. Handong has a thoroughly pleasant vocal, which was made obvious during her time away, and it was nice to hear especially the middle two songs with her doing it solo.

Then there was the sub-unit of sorts, with Dami and Yoohyeon covering Billie Eilish‘s “NDA“. I’ve never understood her appeal, but it is nice to see hear both of them in lower registers.

For Christmas, Gahyeon covered Fin.K.L‘s “White“, which matched not only the occasion but also the second-generation retro trend. It’s actually better than the original because it excludes the corny-ass rap (in a Christmas song?!) and honestly she sounds better than everybody except Ock Juhyun.

And finally there was leader JiU, who did the viral song of the season in Younha‘s “Event Horizon“. Gonna be honest, not sure why somebody with a more pleasant and soothing vocal that lacks range would do a Younha song, but at least she looks amazing.

This is all building up to the group’s sixth anniversary, and it surely seems they’re going to have something for that. Hopefully it’s a fan song, at least based on the quality of Full Moon and Over The Sky.


Oh yeah, season’s greetings season is here.


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