Dreamcatcher celebrate 6th anniversary with fan song “Reason” + fan club stuff

Dreamcatcher renewing their contracts was a sufficient anniversary gift to fans, but they decided to release another fan song in “Reason” for their sixth year. The lyrics are dedicated to those who stuck by them all these years, expressing sincere affection and thanks for them, as most of these will do.

As a fan, this was a beautiful tribute and journey through the group’s history, with the music video serving as a way to tie things together through the eras, and it was representative of their gradual and at times excruciating rise.

For somebody who doesn’t care about all that, “Reason” is a nice fan song and I love how instead of delivering their message through melancholy ballads, they stick with their rock roots with the electric guitar riffs starring. That said, it also sorta pales in comparison to Full Moon and Over The Sky, two legitimately great songs regardless of the fan song intent.

Regardless, Dreamcatcher lived bitch, and they are thriving.

Oh yeah, feel free to sign up for the second generation of their fanclub.

I did, because of course I did.


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