IU draws major backlash for dangerous driving during debut of ‘IU’s Delivery’ with guest Han Moon Chul

IU has only recently got her drivers license, but many netizens are calling into question whether she was granted special privileges and passed just because she’s a celebrity. The reason is because she recently debuted a new segment on YouTube called IU’s Delivery, where she has a conversation with a guest while using her new license to deliver them to a location. Sort of like an Uber but with IU.

Sounds like a great idea, but things went awry immediately as first guest Han Moon Chul can be seen being visible uncomfortable at multiple times even in the edited version of things, warning her to brake sooner, to keep her eyes on the road while talking with him, and to slow down for speed bumps. She even misses an off-ramp at one point, which was the way to Han Moon Chul’s desired destination.

Normally these things can feel overblown, especially when it comes to netizens and IU, but if this is the stuff her staff tried to play off for laughs, it’s only fair to wonder what they left in, and not being in control of a car is nothing to make light of.

While it’s understandable to be skeptical of how many people are criticizing her in good faith given that so many of her scandals are executed in complete bad faith, handling tons of metal with care is a quite universally agreed upon norm, and she deserves the backlash that’s coming here.

The person I felt most terrible for was guest Han Moon Chul, who not only had to go through all of that stress while in her car, but now has to be the face next to a celebrity as popular as IU as this blows up. It’s likely his reactions will draw criticism from her fans, and that’s far enough down the page for me to try and sell those of you who might’ve been skeptical at first glance, hopefully convincing you that this might actually be a real thing and you need to watch the video.


Okay, look, this isn’t technically my April Fools’ Day joke, it’s simply running with IU’s bit. Admittedly, I’m covering this because I watched it nonchalantly tonight and thought it was a legitimate thing until she started to swear at people.

She got me, that fucking IU got me again.

In my defense, I did not expect her to do a full fucking drama shoot setup for a goddamn four-minute gag video.



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