CLC’s Yeeun will reportedly be on ‘Queendom Puzzle’, lineup & broadcast reveal dates mentioned

The news about participants on the upcoming Queendom Puzzle show came fast and furious after former IZ*ONE members Yabuki Nako and Honda Hitomi were reported to be involved. In updates, former MOMOLAND member JooE, former LOVELYZ member Kei, and LABOUM‘s Haein were confirmed as well.

One report I had overlooked was that CLC member and recent soloist Yeeun would be on the show as well, according to reports. Perhaps that’s less surprising given the success of groupmate Yujin on another Mnet survival show, as well as her own participation on Good Girl.

Another thing that was revealed was the official lineups will be revealed in May, while the show itself is schedule for June.

So far the names mentioned make a lot of sense as those who are somewhat recognizable or notable but could clearly use the publicity being on an Mnet-backed group could provide.


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