VANNER wins on the finale of ‘Peak Time’, which had immaculate vibes

Forgive me for being late on this, but I sorta zoned out on Peak Time after JTBC booted DGNA off the show for being cool. Anyway, on the final episode last week, the winner was announced as boy group VANNER.

The group debuted back in 2019, and they have had a rather anonymous existence, topping out around 1000 albums sold from what I can tell. So basically they seem like the exact kind of group this show is made to showcase.

Anyway, it was somewhat amusing to watch them reveal their group names for the first time as if that wasn’t figured out seemingly before the show was even broadcast. Regardless, the grand prize they won was ~$225k, a new album, and a global showcase, and while I’m not sure what the future holds for them I hope at least the cash helps them out and the promo is more than expected.

Also, they’re going to go on a concert tour with the other six finalist groups, so it’s important to know who those six are. There’s MASC, DKB, BAE173, M.O.N.T, and an individual competitor team consisting of former B.A.P‘s Jongup, B.I.G‘s HEEDO, ex-Topp Dogg/XENO-T‘s BJOO, and ARGON‘s Gon.

I gotta say, the vibes of the show are great.


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