Brave Girls are now ‘BB Girls’ due to Brave Entertainment retaining the group’s naming rights

While last week brought great news for Brave Girls fans as they all signed to continue on with Warner Music Korea, the question of whether they would get the name from Brave Entertainment and Brave Brothers was still unknown. Well, today’s change answered that question as Brave Girls are now BB Girls.

The reasoning is simply that Korean fans had been using that for a bit anyway.

With all the legal red tape, the girls have decided on a new group name — BB GIRLS. In Korean, they will be called “beu-beu geolseu.” This name has actually been an unofficial nickname for Brave Girls, as fans had been calling them this to shorten their team name. In Korean, “brave (beu-re-i-beu)” was too long for many, so fans simply took the first and last character to create the nickname.

Of course, it would’ve been far funnier if they just went with like Brave Women or something, or if BB was being petty to Brave Brothers, but whatever works, I suppose.

I had hoped that perhaps they would take after T-ara or EXID and get the trademark, but I assume it would’ve been more difficult for them given that it includes the name of the company and producer. Or maybe they simply didn’t give that much of a shit to go through with the hassle. Either way, looking forward to their new start.


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