SM Entertainment confirms Lucas being booted from NCT and WayV, will pursue solo career

Well, talk about a belated update, as SM Entertainment recently announced the decision to remove Lucas from both NCT and WayV. That said, he’ll seemingly stick with the company and focus on solo activities instead.

If you forgot about what caused his absence to begin with, well it would be hard to fault you, but about 20 months ago now Lucas released an apology after three exs shared their experiences with him, effectively saying he was a cheating, lying scumbag. The fact that both he and SME apologized for this seemed to be clear confirmation that it was legit (not that it stopped fans from defending him).

Anyway, that it was quite surprising he didn’t appear to do anything illegal in these cases shows where the bar is at this point, but the combination of dating, treating women like shit, and fandom was never going to mix well for him, so it’s hard to say this is a shocking outcome. Relying on the individual fandom he still has despite knowing all the information already out there probably makes the most sense for him.


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