PSICK SHOW deliver laughs with guests SEVENTEEN’s Vernon & Joshua and LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin & Sakura

PSICK SHOW has been popular on YouTube for a while now, as their subscriber count will attest (2 million plus), but I’ve realized only those who follow me on Twitter would know about my interest in it because I hadn’t written about them here before.

Anyway, it’s basically a trio of comedians loosely playing characters, and it’s normally good because it sorta has that truth-telling edge to it like Radio Star but without the douchebag maliciousness of those hosts and everything is a lot more lighthearted. It’s entertaining in general, but it’s especially useful when idols are on the show because it provides some candid moments that people may not normally see from them.

The podcast/show itself started only late last year around October, and international recognition came once RM of BTS featured on it. For the sake of recency though, two of the latest episodes featured SEVENTEEN members Vernon and Joshua and LE SSERAFIM members Yunjin and Sakura, and they were great on the program.

Sakura was destroying the hosts and Yunjin’s opera version of the Taeyang meme deserve to be rewarded with views at least.

Cyber warrior.

Anyway, check it out if you haven’t already, seems like the type of show the shitters who read this site might enjoy.


Speaking of LE SSERAFIM, they recently served as bodyguards for maknae Eunchae, who is the MC for Music Bank.


I respect any commitment to a bit like this.


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