Rundown: +(KR)ystal Eyes, SEVENTEEN, Feverse, ‘FAST X’/BTS’s Jimin, EPEX, Mijoo, Kang Hyeyeon, Xdinary Heroes

This is only like two or three weeks late, okay? I’m not lazy about everything, you are! Or something.

Anyway, a lot of stuff that I haven’t covered already, but some solid stuff here and also disappointments.


EPEX – “Sunshower”

Aside from that one horrible rap break, it’s a pretty fun dance pop song even if the melody of the chorus didn’t completely connect. Seemed to be going for Block B‘s more theatrical sounds but without the horses to back them.


Xdinary Heroes – “Freakin’ Bad”

The fact that this wants to be like a rock anthem but goes with “freakin'” instead of even faux idol edge sorta sums up how I’ve always felt about the group. Talent-wise I feel like they can pull it off, but they’re not like a fusion group like Dreamcatcher or something, it’s just softer, neutered rock so far.


Kang Hyeyeon – “Don’t Go”

Damn yo, you’re 32 not 72. Seriously though, she really went for the old-fashioned trot sound here, but the vocals are legit and I hope she can carve out a career singing for the boomers.


+(KR)ystal Eyes (tripleS) – “Cherry Talk”

During the verses and pre-chorus, there were times I expected them to break into “I’m looking for attention”, but for as densely produced as this was, it gets surprisingly repetitive on repeat listens. It’s my least favorite tripleS release so far, mainly due to not having the same melodic highs and hooks as “Generation” or “Rising”, but that’s not the worst position to be in with this vibey effort.


SEVENTEEN – “Fuck My Life”

Honestly I was expecting something more in line with their poppy best as the title track follow-up to “Super”, but this is just a slog of a ballad heavy on vocal effects. My day is ruined and my disappointment is immeasurable.


Feverse – “CHO”

This is basically an anime opening, which I definitely don’t mean in a derogatory sense. An uplifting and peppy song that continues to build as it goes on, the main issue is that powerful vocal runs are sorta necessary for this to fulfill its potential, and it could’ve used … well, a Eunji or Yeonjung or some of the eliminated contestants.


Mijoo – “Movie Star”

Ironically, the main problem with her solo debut is that this could’ve been by anybody. There’s nothing that stands out about the performance, and she seems to struggle with the limited demands of the song at times. The track itself has potential with interesting elements, especially if the chorus was reworked a bit to be less flat.


FAST X (NLE Choppa, Kodak Black, BTS’s Jimin, JVKE, Muni Long” – “Angel”

Really feel for Muni Long here, who does her absolute best to salvage this sinking vessel as everybody else on this track blow holes in the ship with gigantic rail guns. I just hope the check clears for her, honestly.


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