U-KISS are set for a 6-member comeback for 15th anniversary, though only 3 members have been revealed so far

In the sea of second generation comebacks and reunions, U-KISS will be added to the ledger, as their company Tango Music recently revealed that they’ll return as a six-member group soon for their 15th anniversary. The mystery, of course, is that there’s only three members signed to the company as of now, so who the other three are is a question mark.

“In celebration of its 15th anniversary, U-KISS has confirmed its comeback as a six-piece led by members Soohyun, Hoon and Kiseob,” the agency said in a statement Monday, adding, “We will fully support the group so that they can give back to the fans who have waited for them for a long time.”

In addition to being a group comeback, they are planning solo releases and concerts.

Members Hoon and Soohyun will each release a digital single in May, which will be followed by U-KISS’s group album in June. In July, the group will fly to Japan to hold concerts.

This marks the group’s first activity since December of 2018, and their first in Korea since way back in December of 2017.

As far as the other three members, I have no concrete idea since I haven’t been keeping up with them of late. I assume Jun is one since he’s still listed as a member, and I know Kevin Woo has been active at least as a part of musicals lately. But Xander and Kibum were booted by the company for lacking star quality or whatever over a decade ago (though Xander is still active), Dongho and Eli have kids and relationship trouble (and Dongho has been out of the industry since 2013), and AJ once said years ago U-KISS members blocked his career path. Your guess is as good as mine.


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