Do As Infinity’s “Fukai Mori” stars as Megan Thee Stallion & Justin Timberlake squash beef rumors, Tomiko Van is excited

Yesterday, everybody was busy trying to figure out whether Megan Thee Stallion was arguing with Justin Timberlake at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, but today she shared a story of the two of them getting along just fine. That’s wonderful and all, but what really matters in all that mess is that the soundtrack of the Instagram Story she shared was also the soundtrack of Inuyasha, in the form of Do As Infinity‘s smash hit “Fukai Mori“, which helped make that title of SEO dreams you see above.

Ah yes, now we’re getting to the things that really matter here. Things like DAI vocalist Tomiko Van acknowledging both of them in her own Instagram Stories.

Anyway, as any hag J-pop fan would do, I then spent the next couple hours listening to some old DAI tracks, as one does.

Even found the next beat for NewJeans to use.

See, great things come from nostalgia.

Is this entire post just an excuse to talk about DAI and “Fukai Mori” again? Well, yeah.


Thanks to @mbmelodies for mentioning the only thing that was important in my life for a good couple hours as I relived this moment in history.


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