Alexander & Eli sign with Tango Music and will keep U-KISS going, AJ apparently open to returning as well

Normally I don’t really cover contract news that basically maintains the status quo (like BTS remaining together), but recent U-KISS news was notable to me because of how absurd this would’ve seemed even like a few months ago. Not only was their reunion lineup surprising, but now Alexander and Eli have joined Tango Music along with Soohyun, Kiseop, and Hoon to presumably keep things going.

On September 21, Tango Music announced, “Following members Soohyun, Kiseop, and Hoon, we have recently signed exclusive contracts with Alexander and Eli. This is a significant and proud moment for us.”

It doesn’t even stop there, as they also noted that AJ is apparently still considered a U-KISS member and might return to the group in the future.

Tango Music added, “Member AJ has also kept the possibility of future activities with U-KISS open, driven by his passion for the group. We will wholeheartedly support U-KISS in their diverse activities moving forward.”

Out of all the second generation groups making a comeback, U-KISS returning with this kind of lineup had to have been near the bottom of the odds. Of those who did make a reunion, U-KISS were probably near the bottom of the odds again for those who’d actually continue further than the one reunion, and yet here they are — and oh by the way, they might add another member next time.

Man, you truly never know with U-KISS. Always exciting.

“The Wonderful Escape” was good, btw.


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