Songs You May Have Missed: August 2023 (LIMELIGHT, BIBI, IDIOTAPE, THORNAPPLE, Kandis, AHI, Shor, more)

Hello playlist darlings, how are you all? I am writing this playlist in the middle of the worst rain I’ve ever seen, and things are feeling distinctly autumnal. It’s odd, then, that so many of the tracks for this playlist fit the autumn mood more than the summer, despite that they came out in August. Or just very sensible, at least.

Oh, and just a small bit of housekeeping — in the last few months I’ve been catching up on some missed months, but also I’ve been linking to a Spotify playlist of all these tracks at the bottom of these posts. Just to make absolutely clear; the Spotify playlist is like a jumbo version of these posts, with every track I liked during the month as opposed to the 20 that make it here. Check them out (if you want to, of course). 

Anyway, enough waffle. Let’s go!



Seyan Kim – “Dear My Island”

Woo Yerin – “Let It Go!”

IDIOTAPE – “Acid Punk”

I’m a long time Idiotape fan; their Dystopian album is one of my absolute favourites.


APOKI – “Hold On”

Fudging the rules here by using a Japanese track, but I kind of wanted an excuse to talk about APOKI, tbh.


Kwon Jin Ah – “Love Me Love Me”

SAEON – “Love More Love”

AHI – “Dive” 

Naul – “Word”

NELL – “Wanderer”

Nell just don’t miss.


Shor – “Hawaiian Dance”

Audrey No – “Plant Me”

LMST (Feat. COKEONSOBER) – “Feel So Fine”

Seon Han – “Bingle Bangle Bingle Bangle”

NONE (Feat. Microdot) – “A/S”

I’ve been missing Microdot.



Kandis – “BF”

Universe Mongae – “Boring Girls”

THORNAPPLE – “Crab And Tap Water”

BIBI – “Hangang Gangwon”


And that’s it!

As always, tell me about any tracks you loved during August, and be sure to check out the Spotify playlist here for even more tracks you may have missed. Happy listening!

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