Red Velvet’s Irene visibly unwell during concert, raising the concerns of fans and anybody who watched

Red Velvet member Irene has gone viral for performing at SMTOWN LIVE 2023 SMCU PALACE JAKARTA (these concert branding names are getting ridiculous), though maybe not for the best of reasons as she clearly looked in bad shape health-wise.

Prior to the concert, SM Entertainment had actually announced that Irene would not be appearing due to her health, but she made it anyway and addressed her condition at the venue.

That said, it wasn’t hard to notice that she looked absolutely out of it and exhausted, leading to understandable concerns from fans (and everybody who saw the clip). As one can see in the lead picture, it looks like she even had an IV drip put into her hand before she came on stage.

While I understand those who are praising her for gutting this out, I also wish nobody would do this or feel they had to do this, much less have it further normalized for idols. She can literally barely move out there, and even she’s the one that wanted to be out there, it’s incumbent on somebody at the company to say no for her own sake like a coach telling a player they can’t try to play after having their leg bend the wrong way.

Anyway, hopefully there aren’t any lasting issues at play here and she recovers well.


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