Quick Reviews: IVE start their march towards ‘I’VE MINE’ with the sleepy “Either Way”

IVE are returning with I’VE MINE on October 25, but they’re releasing three title tracks about a week apart, starting with “Either Way“, which is a synth-centered production with emphasis on their vocals. While it’s described as dreamy, it’s more along the lines of sleepy.

If you’re a fan, I’m sure this could be satisfying as a lazy listen, but there’s not much to chew on here. Seems more like a track that they wanted to be put front and center for branding purposes more than anything, like to highlight that they too can do a ‘real artist’ song like this (and also something for the acting reel). Regardless, not all that worried about the album, as they always seem to drop at least one memorable dance-pop anthem per comeback.


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