OnlyOneOf withdraw from festival with ties to Unification Church cult, Cherry Bullet appear set to follow suit

It was revealed yesterday that K-pop groups OnlyOneOf and Cherry Bullet were in the lineup for the 2023 Korean Dream Festa For Korea United that is tied to the Unification Church cult, and it seemed like a long shot that they’d actually get withdrawn at that point.

Much to my surprise, however, 8D Entertainment has announced that OnlyOneOf has pulled out of the event.

While FNC Entertainment has yet to issue a similar statement for Cherry Bullet, fans have found that the event no longer appears on their schedule, so it seems as if they might be in the process of withdrawing as well.

Either the companies weren’t aware before or just didn’t care, but either way, it seems enough noise was made that it forced them to either co-sign on sending them to this event or cancelling, and thankfully they’ve opted for the latter — obviously would still like FNCE to release some confirmation and all that.


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