You won’t believe this, but Dispatch has broken an exclusive story on former BIGBANG member Seungri that shows he’s a scumbag. Yes, that’s right. Sorry to all you Seungri-holics out there, but the otherwise definitely solid dude was exposed for two-timing two women while in Bali.

When one woman noticed that the other was on vacation with him in the same location, similar rooms, and with the same itinerary and all that, she contacted the other and they sorted things out.

“A”: I feel like puking right now.
“B”: [Picture of Seungri at the hotel room]
“B”: I just got here and I’m talking to him.
“B”: Unnie, how should I proceed?
“B”: Unnie, did he take you to the airport and then pick me up?

After being confronted, he admitted to the conflict and she packed her bags and left.

Seungri: Dating… The definition of dating is actually… Ha…
“B”: You’re thinking of seeing the other girl. Then you’re just playing with their feelings. You’re making a fool out of them.
Seungri: No but I never said anything about dating…
“B”: She is convinced you are her boyfriend.
Seungri: But I… Okay, I’ll talk with her.
“B”: Did you always date like this?
Seungri: As you know, I have dated for a long time…
“B”: Do you think so lightly of all women?

Later, he tried to apologize or something, I guess.

“B”: It’s not enough to just apologize when you have been lying from the start to the end, treating me as if I’m an idiot.
“B”: Wow… I didn’t work and live so hard to get treated like this. How could a person change like that?
“B”: Have you still not come to your senses?
“B”: You can’t go anywhere.
Seungri: My apology was sincere.
“B”: All your excuses are just lies.
“B”: From the start to the end.
“B”: There are probably more victims out there. Anyway, bringing out two women, you know what that means?
“B”: Wow… I really am getting goosebumps. I’ve never been this angry or felt so crazy before.
“B”: Do you just look down on people? Hah, really…

Oh man, I’m absolutely scandalized by this. How could he? How shocking!

Seriously though, I say this with blatant scams and stuff sometimes as well, but at what point is it just like … I mean, what did you expect, man?


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