Quick Reviews: Former NMIXX member JINI makes solo debut with “Bad Reputation” and “C’mon”

The reason for former NMIXX member JINI parting ways with both the group and JYP Entertainment might end up as one of those things that’s only spoken about a decade after the fact, if ever. But regardless of the intrigue in that, she certainly didn’t leave because she wanted out of the industry, as she recently debuted as a soloist with her An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove mini. She’s released videos for two songs from that album, starting with “Bad Reputation” a while back, and dropping the music video for single “C’mon” today.

“Bad Reputation” is basically a less melodic and charismatic mashup of Katy Perry‘s “Roar and Taylor Swift‘s “Blank Space with half the runtime, but the hook is enough to carry at least some interest, even if her performance is uneven at times. Meanwhile, “C’mon” likely represents the electropop/synth-pop path she wants to head down. While the “c’mon c’mon c’mon” hook and bassline are intriguing, it’s also the kind of song that kinda requires the artist themselves to carry it if it’s to achieve pop excellence, and JINI isn’t able to really get it there. That said, it’s still a pleasant listen with its chill atmosphere and consistent groove.

Everything from the production to her image to the title of the album is slickly done, but the primary issue with both songs at times is a lack of vocal dynamism and/or uniqueness that flattens the releases out a bit and makes them feel essentially anonymous. That is to say, I think it’ll be very pleasing to fans who are okay with degrees of “quality” or “fine”, but it really lacks the star factor so far that really engages me. Nevertheless, a very solid debut that has promising direction given the clear investment in her as an artist, which makes me think she’ll probably do well.


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