Quick Reviews: IVE trade anthemic for monotonous on “Baddie”

IVE choose to go with three title tracks for their I’VE MINE album, and the first two could generously be described as vibey at best. The assumption (or at least mine) was that their third would be their mainstream pop anthem that they’ve always delivered. Instead, we got IVE’s take on BLACKPINK (or other girl crush type of tracks) with “Baddie“.

It’s the power of their hooks and melodies that shot them to the top of the charts (well, partially), so choosing to largely forgo any of that in “Baddie” was a bizarre decision. Instead of something anthemic or even melodic, we get a chanted chorus that doesn’t feel nearly as catchy as it thinks it is, and that transitions into largely uninteresting extended instrumental section for some reason. Honestly, even Teddy would’ve come up with something catchier to make a snippet out of.

The rap verses are fine, delivered with the requisite bounce to carry the listener through the verses, but not nearly enough to make it standout on its own. All the members look great and they do what they have to do on that front — and I’m sure this will make for a great TikTok thing for influencers — but as a whole song it’s just rather vacant.


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Thot Leader™