[Event] Loossemble bring the joy of a classic fanmeeting to LA on their US Debut Ceremony tour

As with many groups who’ve been through the ringer, we’ve pretty much decided that Loossemble are to be protected at all costs. These young women deserve the support of their fans, and it was so good to see that support live and in action at their US Debut Ceremony at the Forum in Inglewood (LA), California.

Loossemble consists of Hyunjin, Vivi, Gowon, Hyeju, and precious maknae Yeojin. These five members came together, released their self titled debut album and announced their US Debut Ceremony tour, reigniting the flames of fandom under the new name C.Loo (pronounced ‘crew’), which they mentioned often throughout the fan meeting.

Being that the girls have one album to their current name, this was very much a fanmeeting experience. They did perform their songs from their new album, however in between were speeches thanking fans for sticking with them through everything. Each member spoke with a very competent translator, who kept the crowd engaged with the girls as they expressed their love and gratitude for fans.

Loossemble also played games where the girls playfully argued like skilled debaters over such hot button questions like go without sleep for three days or without food for three days, eat fish only for the rest of your life or meat, and wear costumes in everyday life or wear everyday clothes as costumes. They also answered fan questions through a sticky note board, and shared a slideshow of the girls going to Universal Studios.

At the end of the fanmeeting, management surprised the girls with a cake and flowers, stunning them for a moment as they were told nothing like that would happen. Loossemble gathered around a lovely cake and bouquet of flowers, which accidentally spilled flower petals on the floor. And suddenly it became apparent that Yeojin had finally broken down. While the other girls struggled to hold their composure, the tears flowed down Yeojin’s face as she cried into her mic, thanking everyone for staying with them and supporting them.

Loossemble ended the show with a finale that excited excited everyone, as it revealed the promise of a final show in Seoul and more to come!


Thank you Loossemble management and Wonderwall for allowing Asian Junkie to be a part of this sweet and very exciting event. We look forward to Loossemble’s future!

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