[Event] Jay Park makes a splash with successful launch party in LA for Won Soju

Jay Park spared no expense in launching his popular liquor, Won Soju, in LA on September 10th. It was a balmy Sunday night with a slick black carpet for celebs, K-town OG heavy hitters, chalk-style tagged sidewalks with artworks, and logos promoting the industry launch party. The night before, Jay Park showed love to fans with an open event at Terra Cotta to introduce the masses to his famed Korean rice wine, finally being available stateside.

Asian Junkie was pleasantly surprised to find ourselves among the celebs at the packed party instead. His camp chose the popular Intercrew, a K-town LA hotspot with a name that is a homage to a classic club from the distant past. With high-end cuisine and a stunning bar, this is everyone’s favorite nightspot. Jay spared no expense with massive window decals heralding the entry to a fully decorated venue, multiple open bars with drinks mixed with Won Soju, hors d’oeuvres circling the mingling crowd, shaved Ice supplied by The Original Super Cool Creamery (again mixed with Won Soju), and custom ramen bar with cups stacked in a pyramid that continued to be devoured all night.

DJ Zomanno spun the night away, setting the night’s jovial mood as we rubbed elbows with the like of studio executives, label reps, influencers, Koreatown moguls, and lots of connected artists, such as Year Of The Ox, Gifted Gab, Ted Park, Cha Cha Malone, John Dean of Renowned LA, Kim Lee, Steffie Baik, and Alicia Hannah-Kim. Not to mention hot new artists such as Rini, EZ Mil, Semmi and many others. There was also a huge online presence with YouTubers, TikTokers, Twitch streamers, and influencers mixed with Hollywood actors and classical musicians. It was definitely an eclectic gathering, and it was so good to see so many talented faces in one place.

The open bar experience let everyone really get a chance to not only try the drinks, but take shots and get the full Won Soju experience. We walked through the door after the “red” carpet and were immediately met with a wall of people. The place was packed! Luckily, the bar was ten feet from the door. I ordered the Melon Bar, which was Won Soju, MIDORI, pineapple, and yuzu served in a chilled champagne coupe. The silky smooth drink was so good I’d downed it and had to order another, realizing I hadn’t taken the time to actually enjoy it. That second Melon Bar was decadent. I tried The Strawberry Won next, which was so sweet it made my eyes cross. We had yet to feel the burn of alcohol, so it was time for shots.


I stopped early for fear of the impending sneak-up. Suffice to say, Won Soju absolutely earns its “Top Shelf Soju” title. There was no residual burn, it was smooth, cool and crisp. And the next morning, I can report to the miracle of no hangover! (Results may vary.)

While sipping our drinks, we enjoyed DJ Zomanno on the turntables, Year Of The Ox on stage, and even Jay Park himself hitting the mic for a few good songs, including the incomparable “MOMMAE“. He mingled through the crowd, greeted everyone with kindness, and gave out industry swag that ranged from a custom Won Soju trucker hat to a customized Won Soju gift set with two soju glasses and two bottles of the good stuff. That would be enough to convince anybody, really.

The night was a triumph for Won Spirits Co, Jay Park’s brand company, as everyone enjoyed the event and the soju. The irony about the successful marketing is when I Googled it in order to buy as a gift for a friend, it was literally sold out everywhere, with promises of rapid restock.

So if you get your hands on a bottle of Won Soju, please enjoy it. And please, I can’t believe I have to say it, but seriously… drink responsibly.

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