ENHYPEN’s send-off event devolves into a dangerous mess of fans at Newark stop of their world tour

The Newark stop of ENHYPEN‘s Fate world tour devolved into chaos yesterday, mainly due to a perk for the concert, as the hyped send-off event provided an opportunity to interact with the idols. As the buzz around the perk grew following positive reception after earlier stops, fans started to prioritize that over actually enjoying the concert even, even leaving their seats early to lineup for the send-off event.

Unfortunately, that became what was honestly a dangerous situation recently, as video from the latest send-off showed essentially a stampede of fans.


I don’t want to overreact or anything, but that is a lot of people being funneled into a tight space, and one can already see pushing and shoving, so it’s hard not to think of safety concerns for both the members at the receiving end of that mess and the fans themselves.

It’s really remarkable how often these kinds of things have been happening since the pandemic restrictions lifted, and I realize things have always been this way to an extent, but man things seem to have gotten even worse since.


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Thot Leader™