[Review] Heejin starts anew with “Algorithm”, which throws back to a LOONA unit release from 7 years ago

All the LOONA members have been returning to the scene following their legal victories, and Heejin is the second-to-last member to make a comeback (just Yves left). She’s now with MODHAUS along with ODD EYE CIRCLE, and she returns with the mini K and its single “Algorithm“.

The obvious comparison to make here is with I’ll Be There that Heejin did with Hyunjin, especially because the producer (Artronic Waves) is also the same. There’s a definitive throwback Western style to the track, with a late-80s/early-90s New Jack Swing beat with a bit of additional dreamy synth to make it more pop-friendly. The result is a song that’s easy to groove along with, and especially paired with the music video, provides an uplifting vibe.

That alone makes the track easily playlist worthy and successful in its own right. That said, due to the lack of development as the song goes on, “Algorithm” is more along the lines of easy listening than necessarily impactful, as the refrain melds right into the rest of the track but doesn’t pop. Heejin’s capability as a soloist is proven by her turn here, especially during a punctuating bridge, though this does seem to be the kind of song that could use a featuring (a rarity!) or somebody to harmonize with. Overall though, she’s delivered a capable and credible solo re-debut of sorts with “Algorithm”, and it makes me hope she gets more chances to pursue individual activities outside of ARTMS and/or LOONA.


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