Quick Reviews: The super collab of Soyeon, Winter, and Liz on “NOBODY” is safe and ‘cool’ enough for World Expo promo

This collab of (G)IDLE‘s Soyeon, aespa‘s Winter, and IVE‘s Liz comes together thanks to Korea’s desire for Busan to get the 2030 World Expo host bid. Unfortunately, it’s a lot more HONEY BEE than it is Wow Thing by my count.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s particularly bad or anything, and it has its moments. However, it’s a pretty safe, upbeat, disco-y track that’s buoyed a bit by the performance of the girls themselves, and in particular all the chorus made me want to do was listen to Wonder Girls‘ “Nobody instead. I assume that’s part of the reason this sound and hook was chosen since it’s a proven commodity, but that also makes it rather disposable in the end.


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