Hello and welcome to the Rundown, where you get to watch as I get increasingly lazy towards the end of the year and bigger names and better songs get thrown in here.



Always amazed at the dichotomy between K-pop songs with titles like this and 10+ seconds in the chorus of a languid beat without any sign of a refrain.


Crush – “Hmm-cheat”

Sort of a throwback to the era of The Neptunes, which I dig, but it didn’t come with the melody/hook to complete the feel.


AMPERS&ONE – “On And On”

Funny name aside, this is quite a fun debut. While it does kind of have that paint-by-numbers bright boy group debut vibe to it, “On And On” also does it well, and it’s surprisingly catchy.


NTX – “Holy Grail”

I actually kinda love that rubbery, thumping synth that dominates the chorus. At least it differentiates this from the rest of the boy crush fodder.


3YE – “LOCO”

For better or worse, K-pop has found Afrobeat. The dreamy and ethereal vibe to it is rather nice, and at worst it’s pleasantly enjoyable background music, though comparatively it does feel a bit unseasoned.


Epitone Project & YoonA (SNSD) – “Knock”


APOKI – “Hashtaggg”

Other than the furry thirst trapping, or maybe because of it if that’s your thing, this was another solid addition to her discography.



Was really into it at the start, but I could feel that anti-drop coming from a mile away and it was as disappointing as I expected. Still, the verses and pre-chorus carry this further than many of their other releases for me.


VIXX – “Amnesia”

VIXX‘s dark, sexy, and cool vibes are always welcome, and I’m certainly glad to have them back, but this felt a bit too passive even for that soundscape.


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